Former Frida Arkusienė Residential House

Address: Kauno m. sav., Kauno m., Laisvės al. 58

The draft for Frida Arkusienė residential house was prepared by engineer L. Zimanas in 1939. An interesting fact is that the author had prepared at least four different versions of the facade, ranging from a quite monumental one resembling Historicism to a completely modern one — a flat roof. An in-between version was ultimately selected — a simple house with a pitched roof. The house has five floors. The first floor is for shops, as evidenced by wide showcase windows and separate entrances. The other floors have apartments. The fifth floor is an attic. The building faces Lasivė Avenue, windows on different floors are separated by small ledges, the staircase is connected to the left side of the building, and a continuous staircase window spans over three floors. The basement contains hideouts and a boiler room with a room for charcoal burning. The house is adjacent to two two-story high buildings on the left and the right. It is made of 6 cm and 8 cm thick hollow bricks. Cement and reinforcing iron were used for reinforced concrete ceilings of hideouts, also for columns of the second, third and fourth floors, facade walls and window lintels.

Laura Spranaitytė