Antanas Gravrogkas House in Kaunas

Address: Kauno m. sav., Kauno m., V. Putvinskio g. 70

The house of the famous member of the public and the mayor of Kaunas city Antanas Gravrogkas was built in 1932. The building is one of the few residential objects designed by exceptional Lithuanian architect E. A. Frykas. The building perfectly demonstrates the harmonious play of modernist and historical trends characteristic of the architect. The facade of the four-story high building consists of four phases, the bottom three of which are brought out by fragmented protrusions ending with classical balcony enclosed by a balustrade. The balcony is connected by the higher sections of the facade on both sides. The left side of the facade by the entrance to the Western part of the site is rounded up, whereas the main entrance on the right hand side, although not highlighted, is decorated by bas-reliefs of agrarian and mythological elements (bronze bas-reliefs “Arklių Tramdytojas”, “Pjovėjas”, “Rinkėja” were designed by sculptor Juozas Zikaras in 1933). Flora motives seen on the second and third floor balconies can also be considered elements of folk art.

Paulius Tautvydas Laurinaitis