M. Bruskienė Residential House in Kaunas

Address: Kauno m. sav., Kauno m., K. Donelaičio g. 78

The building was designed by taking into account the uniqueness of local landscape and the shape of the property: the irregular V-shaped design was adjusted to a triangular plot, with the main, curved facade facing the intersection between E. Ožeškienė and K. Donelaitis Streets. The hollow shape of the building in a certain way matches the building of the Ministry of Justice on the other side of the street. It allowed to emphasise the significance of this intersection and to create a smooth highlight to end K. Donelaitis Street which was home to many state institutions during the interwar period. The facade of the house consists of two main phases: the first one includes the first floor which, as usual for buildings located in the city centre, was mostly occupied by public institutions, and the second phase included two residential floors. The slope on the Northern side was made up for by the mezzanine part of the building.

Paulius Tautvydas Laurinaitis