Grigorijus Gumeniukas Residential House (Adapted to Kaunas 3rd Gymnasium)

Address: Kauno m. sav, Kauno m., Kęstučio g. 19

In the mid 1934 architect Grigorijus Gumeniukas submitted an application to the city’s construction department asking for permission to build himself a three-story residential house designed by himself. The building was erected with the aim of temporarily renting its premises to the city’s 3rd gymnasium, which is reflected in the draft of the building similar to that of schools for small classrooms cantered around the hallway. Although in the mid-thirties Lithuania was overwhelmed by the construction of new schools, an unusual decision to establish an educational institution in a private residence shows how serious was the lack of facilities in the growing temporary capital. The fact that the building did not match its temporary function can be evidenced by the fact that a fourth floor was later requested. The request was not granted “because the requested structure would be inconsistent with those of other houses on the opposite side of the street”. The building retained its function after the Soviet nationalisation – it was home to Kaunas 3rd secondary school.

Paulius Tautvydas Laurinaitis